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Parents play the most important role in the overall development of their children. They are called the building blocks of the child since he is born. Parents guide the children to develop an exemplary character for the world outside. A parent is their child’s first friend and a teacher and should remain their child’s best guide and mentor throughout their life. Functioning as a coach, the parent exposes a child to age-appropriate challenges to encourage development as well as to experiences that allow the child to explore on their own and learn from interacting with their environment. 

For better development of the child, the relation between both the parties must be strong. The role of parents in the child development process is never-ending. It governs the child in various fields of decision-making processes, responsibilities towards others, behavior, etc. 

Parents govern the child in areas like:-

  1. Cognitive development –                        

 Cognitive development means the growth of a child’s ability to think and reason. This happens differently from the age of 6-12 years. 

Parents help their children to identify and name common things around them. Parents also affect their responses and help them to grow up to be better human beings. It is all about recognizing problems, handling all situations well, and picking up the traits of discipline, time management, following simple home routines, etc.

2. Socio-cultural development-                                    

Children observe spousal interaction and how arguments are settled in the family. It teaches them how to interact with others, how to solve critical problems, and good values that are crucial in growing years. The child learns how to behave with others, play to common goals, pick up the right friends, and a lot more.

3. Physical development-                                    

The right guidance from parents can inculcate in children a good regimen of exercise and diet to achieve ideal physical development. Children learn about being healthy, being a team player. Parents should remember children lead by example. 

4. Mental development-                                              

Parenting styles help the child to learn to accept failures and overcome them, understand discipline, award and punishment concepts, etc. it governs their responses to stimuli and molds their minds

5. Spiritual development-                                

Parents help their children to understand right from wrong, pray, understand religion and have the right ethical values. Parents should remember not to force their child to follow any one particular religion or practice rather they should ask them to be free & follow their own imagination.


Children naturally turn to the father to play and to the mother if they sense stress or fear. Father is an example of motivation to the children and mother is an example of unconditional love.

From the first touch & innocent look to the later years, parents help their children to grow from a little plant to a big strong tree. 

This list of child development tip is not gender-specific and is equally applicable for the parents-

i)  Be positive.

ii) Be sensitive to your child’s needs.

iii) Be emotionally parent.

iv) Communicate effectively.

v)  Set a routine for sleeping, playing, and eating.

 vi)  Build trust, love, and fair play in relationships.

 vii) Help your child to understand the importance of speaking the right thing.

CONCLUSION:  Parents must remember that supportive families encourage the child to learn good etiquette, values. The proper role of the parent is to provide encouragement, support, and access to activities that enable the child to master key development tasks.

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