January 21, 2022 In Knowledge


One of the major challenges which is faced by the educational sectors in this covid 19 pandemic is disruption of traditional classroom learning which resulted in drastic shift to virtual classrooms from physical classrooms.

We examine what we are teaching and how we are teaching , rather than when and where we are teaching. The pandemic has revealed possibilities we had not considered before. Virtual learning has meant trying to recreate the traditional classrooms online in zoom classrooms.

Current pandemic situation is not in our control, but we can definitely make a better decision for our children today for their brighter future. So, let us look at the positive side of the situation.

There are many  advantages of online learning:

HIGH INTERACTIVITY– In traditional classes there is only one primary source of communication available for the teachers and the learners i.e., THE FACE TO FACE COMMUNICATION. But virtual classrooms provide ample opportunities and multiple channels to the students and the teachers to communicate through instant messaging , video conference, voice chats etc. This helps the teachers to understand the individual needs of the students.

The Pride International School provides International Standard Education at School

  • Curriculum at par with the best in the world
    • Superior English communication skills
    • Superior problem-solving skills
    • Superior critical thinking skills
  • Multi-modal learning with interactive digital classrooms & learning kits

COLLABORATIVE LEARNING– One of the biggest concern with switching to the online mode of education is to sacrifice the collaborative learning on traditional classes but THE PRIDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PROVIDES THE SAME EXPERIENCE THROUGH THE INTERACTIVE PROJECT BASED LEARNING THROUGH THE ZOOM CLASSES. We adopted the following for collaborative learning experience:

  • Project Based and Activity Based Learning Experience.
  • Simplified and Improved Teaching Delivery.
  • Fully integrated School App (School eDiary) for Notice, Classwork, Homework, Attendance, Fees, Timetable, Report Card etc.
  • Regular Online Classes with personalized attention to each and every student.

IMPROVED ATTENDANCE– After the introduction of online classes students need not to travel long distances to the school irrespective of rainy weather and other unavoidable circumstances that arise. They simply can attain the classes more attentively and interactively with just a one click process to join the classes.

Attendance has improved due to fun based and activity based learning experience at Pride.

CONTENT VARIETY– The new normal introduced the uses of smart boards and technology based learning in the institute. Through this modern way of teaching teachers can seek to different websites, embed media and can access a wide range of learning material.

The Pride International School is a perfect example. We have adopted Oxford Advantage for following reasons:

  • Oxford Advantage Program – World’s best learning program based on CBSE curriculum.
  • Oxford MyBag app for Access to 100% Classroom Content anytime-anywhere with Gamified exercises and animated chapters.
  • Oxford Worksheets, Revision Test and 100’s of practice questions to ensure continuous assessment and development of students.
  • Oxford Advantage digital platform for Teachers for all the Teaching Resources in one place.


We as parents never imagined this online learning but now after this new normal situation we are digitizing day by day with modern techniques of teaching. We are gradually focusing more on technology and gadgets. We can provide a 24*7 learning experience to the students and a friendly teaching environment to the teachers in school so that they can teach the students more easily.